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How to Travel Cheaply in Seoul

With gratis visa, Cheap Flights, and affordable spending, who said Seoul is Expensive?

Here are the tips to make sure you will enjoy Seoul on arestricted budget

Of 50USD per day;

1: Have a yummy“Uden” (a.k.a. fish cake) and “Tteokbokki” (a.k.a spicy rice cake) for your lunch or breakfast which you can find in the streets of Seoul and then have a nice Korean Barbecue for dinner.

2. Keep 100USD as emergency money – This will keep you from running out of cash on your last day. You may spend it at the last minute for souvenirs and gifts for home.

3. Do not be tempted to shop!- Seoul is not as expensive as Tokyo but once you start shopping, it might be hard to stop! You could easily end up spending most of your allowance in one afternoon (I know I’ve nearly done it!).

4. Transportation in Seoul isn’t as expensive as many capital cities. Go for the train or bus rather than spending money on taxis. Exploring is fun using public transport and you can meet some of the colorful local characters.

5. Book in a guesthouse- guesthouses usually provide a limited range of kitchen facilities, make use of these and save a few KRW.You can find someof the most fun moments visiting Seoul staying in the guesthouses meetinglocals and travelers. You might even make a friend for life!

6. Choose your attractions wisely – There are many things to do in Seoul and one can spend a fortune visiting all the attractions. For example there are many palaces but to the normal tourist they can become a little similar so make sure you see the Theme Parks and Nature reserves as well. A small easily available guidebook can help you make an informed decision.For a palace visit I suggest visiting “Gyeongbokgung” palace if you are travelling to Seoul for the first time.

7. No need for pre-arranged tours- Exploring Seoul has become easier with maps and guides available abundantly in most accommodations and hotels, tourist desks and at the airport. At the same time, if you have an internet connection, finding your way is much easier. The best way is to do your own research before you go.

8. Do not buy you own ‘Hanbok’ (Traditional Clothing) –You can try for free and take your own photo, a ‘Hanbok’ is normally expensive and you probably won’t use it in the future so why spend the money? There are regular free cultural parades happening most Saturday mornings at the palaces or go to Myeongdong at Seoul Global Cultural Center to try oneon for free!

9. Do not go out partying too much – A night out in Seoul is great for the experience but if you plan to do it every night, you will probably drain your allowance pretty quickly. Yes, Soju is really cheap, as low as 1-2 USD per bottle but, here’s the catch, you are also required to buy food, and it isn’t cheap! That’s where most of the bars and clubs make their money.

10. List your daily expenses – The best way to keep track of your spending. It is often not easy keeping in mindwhat you have actually spent but listing it down can give you a better idea of your budgeting and expenses.


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