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Our Bohol Experience

My husband and I had always wanted to visit Bohol, we thought of going there on our honeymoon, until it was hit by an earthquake! That's why our first planned trip was cancelled. Then a few months after my brother visited and said that it was good, we went! Bohol was a really nice place to go for touring and relaxation.

Our trip was 4 days and 3 nights. The first day was our relaxing day, we were picked up at the airport and taken to our hotel. We stayed at Arabelle suites. The room was really nice and we enjoyed the free breakfast.

Our second day we went exploring! The day tour included a visit to a Philippine Tarsier conservation area, a butterfly farm, the famous chocolate hills, The Loboc River and a few different churches that were damaged during the earthquake. It was a really fun and interesting day! The best part of the tour was going to the chocolate hills. Even though you have to walk all the way up a flight of stairs it was so nice on top seeing the hills! We also really enjoyed the buffet lunch on the Loboc river, relaxing, with a band singing, while we sailed along!

It was a tiring day, but it was a fun day spent.

On the third day our tour consisted of many different places, but the best feature was going to Panglao. We ate lunch at the Bohol Bee Farm. If anyone is going to Bohol make sure you to visit all these great places!

And of course we wouldn't have been able to have this relaxing vacation without the help of The Random Travellers. They arranged our trip completely, our flights, our hotel and our tours! So we didn't need to worry about anything. They listened to what we wanted on our trip and they arranged it accordingly. We got the dates we wanted, the places we wanted and all in the budget we had!

We will book our next trip with them, they were so helpful in making our holiday memorable and special.

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