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Group of Travelers
Exploring the Streets
Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a group of travel enthusiasts who dreamed of experiencing great travel adventures. As they travelled the world for both work and pleasure they gained experiences and knowledge. Learning that planning a trip requires patience, perseverance and a lot of local and administrative understanding.

So in 2013, After many years of working in a variety of different industries, they made their dreams come true. Their passion and knowledge for travel gave rise to a business plan – to build a travel company that will provide great, personalised, comfortable travel experiences for all travellers. They also created an associated travel club for all their existing and potential customers that would promote the ethics and principles they hold dear, such as environmental awareness and work-life balance.


Be a part of the travel dream!

Established to cater for all first time and frequent travellers. The Random Travellers provide personalized travel experiences and services at a reasonable cost. Our mission is to provide the best environmentally responsible travel and recreational experiences in a cost effective way.

Our Licenses
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