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Asia's Best Street Foods

Asia is known for its exotic foods which you can find in restaurants and even in the streets. You know when you have reached this part of the continent when you see food street vendors in busy areas of the city.

Part of travelling is to immerse yourself with the local food and enjoy every minute of it!

Here are our 5 best Asian street food!

1. Singapore’s Street Ice Cream

- For just 1 Singapore Dollars, you can enjoy an ice cream block in bread! You can find these vendors in the street of Orchard, where there are loads of tourist visiting huge shopping malls. It comes with different flavours as well. Singapore during summer can be really humid, so this nice cheap ice cream will definitely sort you out.

2.Macau’s Street Rainbow Sticks

Taipa, Macau definitely lives up to its name for delicious street food! We call these treats rainbow stick’s because there are all sorts of different snack bites – fish, meat, tofu, fish ball stuffed with crab eggsdipped in boiled stew or spicy curry. You should never leave Macau without trying these.

3. South Korea’s Udeng

At the busy streets of Seoul, you can find a street vendor of Udeng. During winter, having a hot spicy udeng dipped in a broth will definitely give anyone the most amazing feeling!Seoul is known for its big clubs and wide array of restaurants serving cheap soju (traditional wine), Udeng is perfect to wash away little bit of a hangover.

4. Philippines Balut and Tempura

Located at Dumaguete City, Philippines, this street food starts at 5pm along Rizal Boulevard. Filipinos are known to be big balutmunchers but if you are not up for the challenge of eating the duck egg embryo (I know, it sounds disgusting!), then try their local tempura dipped in the sauce of your choice!

5. Vietnam’s Ben Than Night Market Street Food

At the densely packed Ben Than market at the heart of Saigon (Ho Chi Mihn City) Vietman, lies a street of street food vendors. One of the best thing about Vietnam is their food! And you should not miss visiting Ben Than street foods at night! Locals believes that evening is an ideal time to meet outside to share a meal and drinks. They have a wide variety of authentic Vietnamese food including seafood, meat, noodles etc. not to mention the famous Vietnamese coffee!

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