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Novel Corona Virus and Traveling. Does Philippines have confirmed cases?

The newest Novel Coronavirus from the family of Coronaviridae where MERS-COV and SARS-COV also belong to. The virus is likely transmitted from touching or eating an infected animal in Wuhan. The outbreak of this virus from Wuhan, Hibei Province, China last December 2019 was unsuspected until just recently when it start spreading rapidly. Today as per the National Health Commission of the PRC, there are a total of 4,515 confirmed cases while there are 106 deaths in Mainland China only. Worldwide, there are confirmed 62 cases, all came from traveling Chinese Nationals from China or being infected by travelers from Wuhan, Hibei Province.

Contrary to news spreading in social media, The Philippines has no confirmed case of Novel Coronavirus as of 27th January 2020 according to Department of Health. There are 14 suspected but no confirmed.

Below are the countries and the number of confirmed cases as of 27th January 2020:

Hong Kong - 8

Macau - 5

Australia - 5

Cambodia- 1

Canada - 1

France - 3

Germany - 1

Japan - 4

Malaysia - 4

Nepal - 1

Singapore- 5

South Korea - 4

Sri Lanka - 1

Thailand - 8

Taiwan- 4

United States- 5

Vietnam - 2

*Data from National Health Commission of PRC


Airports and Planes are prone to get infected

Use mask ALL THE TIME specially when you are in closed area such as planes, buses and airports.

Use hand sanitizers or antiseptic alcohol how many times possible.

Avoid close contact with people who are sick.


Strengthen your Immune System by taking multi vitamins and staying healthy.

Avoid touching your face when your hands are unwashed.

It is important that we are aware on the latest updates on Novel Coronavirus but it is also important where these information are coming from. As much as we want to stay safe, misinformation regarding the virus can be as dangerous.

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