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Keep Your Travel Mind Active During Lockdown

We are all new to this current norm. Travel is on hold and there will be changes on how travel businesses will handle the industry once lockdowns have been lifted. Travellers might feel overwhelmed with being stuck at home and could not escape this pandemic.

There are ways to keep your mind healthy during these times. After all, travelling is one way to keep our mental health leveled. According to Forbes Magazine (2018), travelling is good for your mental health, it’s a great stress buster, it helps you reinvent yourself, and it boost happiness and satisfaction. So, what can Travellers can do during this time of restrictions to keep their wandering mind active.

1. Create your two-year travel plan:

Get that old planner of yours which you got last Christmas and start planning a two-year travel adventure. This will keep your mind occupied with something to look forward when the borders are lifted. Where do you want to go first in 2021? Domestic or International? What would be your allocated budget? How many days for each travel? These questions can make your creative mind working while staying at home.

Create your two-year travel plan

2. Make a journal of your past travels

Write all your experiences from every location. You can also make cutouts or attach printed photos of your past adventures. This will help your creative travel mind to reminisce on your past travel experiences and relive those moments of travel bliss.

3. Watch Travel Documentaries

Since you’re at home most of the time, one of the best ways to cope up from not travelling is to watch positive travel documentaries. There are a lot of choices in YouTube, Netflix and even from Facebook. Some examples are: Tales by Light (Netflix), Breakfast, Lunch& Dinner (Netflix), The Most Peaceful Places on Earth (NatGeo), Explore Philippines (BBC Travel) and many more!

4. Listen to Travel Podcasts

Podcasts are widely popular with vast variety of topics. But there are podcasts specifically talk about travel and travelling! Listening to other people conversing about places they’ve been, and their experiences will give you a glimpse of other people’s view about different places in the world. Here are some of our highly recommended podcasts: Travel Genius (Bloomberg), Extra Pack of Peanuts (Travis Sherry) and Zero to Travel Podcast (Jason Moore).

5. Join Travel Groups

Travel Groups are all over the Social Media. It would be healthy to find and interact with new Travel friends while on lockdown as well as sharing travel experiences online. Travel Groups also help you to plan your travel in the future and enable you to give tips and advices to other travellers. We would recommend that you join, there are a lot of insightful and amazing Travellers who, like you, are trying to keep their travel mind active during these times.

We hope our tips on keeping your travel mind active gives you an idea that even though we are at home, the very essence of who we are as a traveler can be retained. We have to keep our positive outlook that in the very near future, we can get back on our feet and continue exploring this wonderful planet.

For tips and advices on travel, please log on to or you may reach us at our Facebook Page ( Stay home and keep Safe!

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